Hot Swap Power Supplies
As a vertically integrated manufacturer, Technology Dynamics Inc. (TDI – NOVA Integration Solution’s parent company) has the ability to control all aspects of the power supply, inverter, power filter and power conditioning subsystems used in our products. Together with TDI, our standard and custom power supply subsystems are internally designed and engineered. TDI manufactures their PC boards, transformers, and sheet metal in support of customized electrical and mechanical rapid prototyping.
Each power supply, whether a plug-in board or an embedded module, is specifically designed to accept the proper AC or DC input voltages and can produce a wide variety of power output voltages based on the components used (processor, graphics cards, hard drives, fans, etc.). They are designed to operate in extreme environments and must accommodate the harsh conditions in support of ground, air and sea vehicles.

VAC to 12 VDC Switching Power Supply

DC Switching Power Supplies
While many companies offer consumer products “modified” or “ruggedized” for certain applications, TDI’s products are designed from inception to meet challenging Military applications. Many of TDI’s products have been successfully qualified to military standards and are still in service after 35+ years in the field. Robust construction and extremely high reliability are characteristics inherent to TDI’s products.